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The death of a parent is an extremely difficult burden for any student to bear, especially in the context of growing up and preparing for college. Understandably, your grief may affect your ability to carry out your normal responsibilities, and your grades could suffer as a result. In reality, it will take time for you to recover and move forward.

What many people don’t realize is that the death of a parent can also put a lot of financial stress on the family, leaving you to wonder how you’ll pay for college with less income and support. In light of this, it’s very important that students who have experienced the death of a parent seek out the many scholarship opportunities that are available to them.

At the MAY-B Foundation, our goal is to change lives of students ages 16-24 who have lost a parent or guardian by providing financial and emotional resources that cultivate help, hope, and healing to the next generation of African-American leaders.

Vision:             We envision a world where children affected by a parent or guardian’s death can pursue their educational dreams without financial burden.

Mission:         To provide education assistance and emotional support for post-secondary study to African-American students ages 16-24 who have lost a parent or guardian.


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