Shannon Beasley Taitt’s New Book: Get Your Head In The Game is a hard hitting “playbook” in which life and basketball are masterfully merged to inspire and coach you toward life-altering strategies for living the life of a champion. This powerful novel will teach you how to effectively train your mind to face life’s challenges while being captivated by Shannon’s artful way of intertwining life lessons and basketball – knowledge passed on to her by her remarkable mother Mable Beasley, a basketball and volleyball coach and high school physical education teacher of 36 years. From stories of hardship and pain to love and healing, you will be able to identify with this book from beginning to end. This book contains the foundation for developing into a self-reliant individual capable of emerging triumphant no matter what hard passes may come your way.  Allow Get Your Head in the Game to enhance whatever quarter of life you are currently in, while setting the stage for a victorious run through this game of life.

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