1. The Power of Conditioning:” It’s the well conditioned person who withstands the inevitable ebbs and flows of life we all face, en route to attaining our dreams. Shannon Beasley Taitt instills in audience members the right perspective and mindset to cross any desired finish line.
  2. Embrace Yourself: Play Your Position:” When we embrace who we are and what we bring to the table in the form of gifts and talents, magical things happen. Shannon Beasley Taitt shows audience members how to find out who we truly are and what we truly want and not live in fear of being judged, rejected.  Instead playing a position that is uniquely designed for us to live a life that is bold and courageous.
  3. Reach For The Sky:” This life-changing program challenges and self-limiting beliefs any person may possess, in addition to negating boundaries other people may impose on an individual. Audience members will leave equipped to be the absolute best that they can be in any given moment, while creating a mindset of continual evolution, lending way to always living life at its’ optimal level.

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